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Author Topic: K-AMPUS University Structures  (Read 274 times)

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K-AMPUS University Structures
« on: July 24, 2018, 02:26:51 PM »

K-AMPUS: K Systems – Autonomous and Multicampus Public University Structures

At K Systems LTD we are focused on the future and evolution of humanity, as a whole and unique race.

We also believe that high level instruction should be available to anyone around the globe and that the costs to access it should be contained, so that the World can use the power of all of the brains around it, without limitations for anyone, regardlessly of their age, ethnicity, sex, belief or social background. This is the reason we thought about creating the K-AMPUS: K Systems – Autonomous and Multicampus Public University Structures.

What is the K-AMPUS Project?

Quote from: Mickael LEVY CEO @ K Systems LTD
I noticed during my many years traveling and working around the World (and I guess you all noticed just by living your lives…), that an enormous deal of “Human Intelligence Power” just gets wasted.

This does not happen only in the third World, but actually happens anywhere around the globe, and mainly for the same reason: Studying, learning, is far too expensive, or, in other cases, it cannot be afforded by many families, who have other vital priorities – like food and shelter – to care of.

Also, specific subjects such ISO 9001 Industrial Quality Standards, Industrial Three Dimensional Design and Advanced Hardware Assembly and Engineering are kept away from most of the kids on Earth, they are just inaccessible to them and even their learning is monopilized by a few multinational companies and some institutions.

All this leads to a situation in which we have an enormous amount of good brain matter that just gets dumped and cannot be used to speed up the Human Evolution!

Now, think about this for a moment:

If that person you see laying on the sidewalk every evening when you get back home from work would have had the chance to study high level engineering subjects when he or she was young, do you think this person would be there now?

Probably not. Even if life events are unpredictable, someone would most likely need his or her knowledge now, and would somehow have to pay for it.

If those very young men that put all their energies into satisfing some evil manipulator, forgetting what life is about, forgetting what they can do for their own future and for the future of their children – those very people who are where they stand because of their social background and their economical situation – could just be let free to believe in themselves, their capabilities and their dreams by having access to education, wouldn’t Peace on Earth be a bit more simply achievable?

I believe so. When you have a goal, an objective, a real passion, it becomes difficult to hate life, even if it is not your own.

If that starving children you saw on TV would have the possibility to become Aerospace designers, Advanced Hardware Experts, Blockchain Geeks, AS/EN 9100 Aerospace and Automotive Quality Engineers, if their dreams could at least attempt to become reality, thru their passion, perseverance and hard work, wouldn’t Human Evolution proceed at a faster pace? Wouldn’t the World be a better and safer place? Wouldn’t Mars seem closer to us?

The answer to all those questions is the same:

Of course it would! Even one single idea, not a single human being, but just one single idea, can contribute to change the World, and a Human Brain has lots of ideas, so we can no longer afford to waste these resources, for the sake of the Future Generations!

This is the vision behind the K Systems LTD K-AMPUS Project, the K-AMPUS, its development will look like this:

Initially (Q4 2018), we will implement a set of Bounties. We will need those “technical bounties” to help our Team  further develop K SYS 1 and K-ATIA. In a second phase (Q3 2019), we will invest about 20% of our funds to prepare 3 physical facilities:

  • The Yellow K-AMPUS, in Lviv, Ukraine
  • The Green K-AMPUS, in Airole, Italy
  • The Orange K-AMPUS, in  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The K-AMPUS facilities will be accessible to anyone. Fees will be low, and only payable with KSYS Tokens.

Students, wether at our facilities or online, will be able to pick one or more of the following K Systems Certification Programs:
  • K SYS 1 Certified Developer: Participants will first learn or improve their knowledge about Solidity, Node.JS, Python, GO, Ethereum EVM, Blockchain Technology and IPFS, and, later, will develop their own dApps, which may become new K SYS 1 modules.
  • K SYS 1 Certified AS/EN 9100 Expert: Students will receive a basic K SYS 1 programming training and will then move to a Virtual High Precision Production Environment, in which they will be trained to use K SYS 1 in the virtual production and delivery of AS/EN 9100 Compliant High Precision Aerospace and Automotive Components.
  • K-ATIA Certified Developer: Applicants will learn how to develop K-ATIA modules, they will receive an in depth training covering Solidity, Node.JS, Python, GO, Ethereum EVM, Blockchain Technology, IPFS and OpenGL.
  • K-ATIA Certified Designer: Trainees will learn how to produce Three Dimensional Parametric Models using K-ATIA. As we hope, K-ATIA will become more and more popular among Industrial Designers around the World. As a result, K-ATIA Certified Designers will be increasingly in demand.
  • K Systems Hardware Certified Hardware Engineer: Participants will learn how to assemble K Systems Supercomputers, they will get acquainted with their components, install various OS’s and advanced applications on them and troubleshoot various issues.
  • K Systems Certified Security Expert: Applicants will receive an in depth training regarding Ethereum Solidity Security Best Practices and will pen-test several Smart Contracts. At the end of this learning path, participants will code their own Smart Contracts, which will be audited by our internal security experts.

Educational literature, online lessons, video tutorials, courses at our physical facilities, exams (online or on site) and K Systems Certification Programs will be ONLY PAYABLE USING KSYS TOKENS.

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Re: K-AMPUS University Structures
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